Janet Garrett: Welcome to The Jordan Watch

Six years ago, when my hometown of Oberlin, OH was gerrymandered into Ohio’s Fourth Congressional District, Jim Jordan became my Congressman. I made it my business to learn more about Congressman Jordan, so I attended a public meeting to bring my concerns to him.

When I had my chance, I told him: “I am concerned about your kind of leadership.” “And why’s that,” he asked, smirking. “Because I’m a woman, and a teacher, and a union leader. And you stand against all of that.” There was a pause. He looked up, with that classic Jim Jordan smirk and said, “You know I’m against abortion in all cases too, right?”

I was appalled. Instead of assuring me that he would be a representative of all his constituents and seek to bring us together, he chose to mock me. From that moment, I swore that I would do everything I could to monitor his agenda and make sure that people knew who was representing them in Congress.

The next day, I founded The Jordan Watch.

Much like my first two campaigns for Congress, we were a ragtag team of volunteers motivated to do what we could to hold Jim Jordan accountable for decisions he would make in Congress. We mobilized to make our voices heard at his town halls. We would always make sure that some of our members would be at any of his public meetings. The idea was to eventually recruit a candidate to run against him down the road — that person ended up being me when we couldn’t find anyone up for the task.

Today, I’m restarting The Jordan Watch. Over the last year, we have gathered a remarkable number of supporters all across the nation who have pledged to do something about Jim Jordan because his politics of hate, fear, and conspiracy is bad for our democracy. We are in a unique position to build on that success and hold Jim Jordan accountable once and for all.

This time, the Jordan Watch will continue to organize in Jim Jordan’s district, but we’ll also put together the resources to defeat Jim Jordan in the long term. I am excited to have my former campaign manager, Zach Stepp, serving as the Executive Director of The Jordan Watch Political Action Committee. All of us together will retire Jim Jordan from Congress once and for all.

Welcome to The Jordan Watch.


Zachary Stepp