Press Release: Launch of New PAC to unseat Jim Jordan

March 5, 2019


Statement from The Jordan Watch, new PAC working to unseat Jim Jordan (R-OH)

Oberlin, OH – Today, Janet Garrett, Founder of the Jordan Watch, and former candidate for US Congress, released the following statement in response to spiked enthusiasm and an increase in contributions to unseat Congressman Jim Jordan:

"It comes as no surprise to me that Jim Jordan, once again, is the laughing stock of the nation. I've been following Jim for a very long time, and his behavior last week in the House Oversight Committee and again on Meet the Press on Sunday, while in character, is very disturbing.

Three times now, I have run for Congress in one of the most Gerrymandered districts in the nation. It has been an honor to be the champion of so many who not only despise Jim Jordan but also share my progressive agenda. With that being said, I want to be very clear to all of my supporters across the country that I will not be running against Jim again. Instead, I've been focused on building out the Jordan Watch so that we can transform our remarkable grassroots fundraising into an organization that can help recruit Jim Jordan's next opponent, and also work to expose Jim's radical ideology to the people he is supposed to represent."

Executive Director of the Jordan Watch PAC and former campaign manager for Janet Garrett, Zach Stepp, added:

"We're in this for the long haul. Jim Jordan may be able to win in OH-4 as it's currently drawn, but we know that this district won't exist forever. In fact,district lines in Ohio could even change before the next election cycle.

While we're focused on long term persuasion campaigns to unseat Jim Jordan when he has to run in a fair district, we will be working in the short term to recruit qualified candidates on both sides of the aisle to run. Over the next year, we will be assisting viable 2020 candidates to ensure that Congressman Jordan does not go unchallenged."


The Jordan Watch is a Political Action Committee founded by Janet Garrett and is composed of the thousands of supporters in Ohio and across the nation who fueled her 2018 grassroots campaign to unseat Jim Jordan. Read more and join the watch at

Zachary Stepp