Daily Kos: New PAC's only goal is to unseat a dangerously far-right Ohio Republican who refuses to wear jackets

“A longtime critic of a controversial Ohio congressman has launched a political action committee with one simple goal: Get Jim Jordan out of office. Officially registered as “Ohio CD4 PAC,” the organization is operating as “The Jordan Watch,” a grassroots effort that Janet Garrett says she founded in 2011 after meeting her new congressman, first elected in 2006.

Between the gerrymandering case, the blue wave expected in 2020, the OSU investigation, and the sheer ridiculousness of Jordan’s performance in the highly watched public testimony of Michael Cohen on Feb. 27, the iron seems hot to launch early efforts to unseat Him Who Will Not Wear Jackets.

Full Story: https://m.dailykos.com/stories/2019/3/7/1840371/-New-PAC-s-only-goal-is-to-unseat-a-dangerously-far-right-Ohio-Republican-who-refuses-to-wear-jackets

Zachary Stepp